Tuesday, February 15, 2011


CRAZY US...This was SO FUN!!! Our friend Sarah Robinson took us out on Main St. out here in Lake Elsinore and we did a fun Christmas shoot with her....

CHRISTMAS 2010 pictures...FINALLY got a shot where TORI actually smiled...

Kara, Tori and Kelli

So our newest addition to the Bruer family will be here in MARCH of 20011....It's ANOTHER GIRL!! ;) We are STOKED for this new one! Can't wait and Kelli, Kara and Tori are in LOVE with the BELLY and watching her go CRAZY in my tummy!!

Sorry I haven't updated....just been busy with life and thought about it today!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010



Did some pictures with gals from the ward...so fun, got dressed up, did our make-up and hair...and went on the town and just took tons of pictures....

AH!! Before 1/2 marathon...AHHHH!!!! MY 2nd was the FONTANA one on June 5th...I LOVED my 2nd one WAY MORE!!! NO PICS cause I was by myself!! SORRY!! This will have to do?!! HA!

Aimee and me being crazy! We did a HALF MARATHON together while she was out here!! It was BRUTAL!! HA! I LOVE AIMEE FOR DOING IT WITH ME!

DANCE floor at MINDI and Chris Whitman's wedding!

Tori turned 2 TODAY! Crazy how time flies so fast! Last I was on blogging was SO LAST YEAR! Sorry!! So...what is new??

Kelli and Kara are out of SCHOOL...they will be 1st graders in AUGUST! AHH!! Tori just keeps on growing...she is a TOTAL beast and gets what she wants all the time!! She seriously is a NUT! On Sunday, she had 2 babies and was curled up on the first step with blanket asleep!! It was DARLING!! I video taped it...no picture! Sorry!

Since kids have been home, it's been I WANNA swim, I wanna sleep over, I wanna I wanna I wanna! Kelli and Kara have been swimming a ton and they enjoy doing flips in the water, getting objects on the bottom of the 3 1/2 ft. part of the pool. They have kept busy with drawing, playdough, running around just in swimsuits, having friends over and just having a GRAND OL' TIME!! It's been fun...and crazy...ha!

So...Kelli and Kara have this thing if they go to bed will the TREAT MAN come? I tell them if they go to bed EARLY...HE WILL COME! ;) HEE!!! It TOTALLY WORKS!!
My HUBBY Todd is keeping busy with work, always knows what's up with the sports! He will remember TODAY with the LAKERS winning the NBA FINALS on TORI'S 2nd BIRTHDAY! He ended up taking Tori and all of us out and missing some of the games highlights, but it was (RECORDING) at home...HA!! He still has time to spoil his girls! He seriously LOVES his kids and is SO SWEET with them!
So...let me TRY to stay on track and keep updated!! ;) I have MISSED BEING on this!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

NEW YEAR and Montana trip...

New YEARS eve Todd had plans with the young men from church. They made plans to do a New Years Eve party with the boys. So I said...I will have the kids and do my thing...well my mom called me later that morning to talk and said her and my dad were leaving for Montana. They were going to leave later that day...I kinda invited myself. She said we should come!!! So we packed up and left for Montana. BILLINGS Montana...It's about a 24 hour drive. With kids it's like a 2 day drive at least! HA!! We got there...spent some time with my sister Melissa and her kids Ashlee, Parker, Lacey and Shelby. It was a TOTAL BLAST for us! We got to SLED, SHOP, EAT, PLAY GAMES, watch MOVIES, and CHAT!! Ashlee is 23 yrs. old and she plays the piano BEAUTIFULLY!!! Seriously ROCKS!!! She competes and I wanted to share some FUN PLAYING she did for us!

Parker my nephew

Ashlee my niece

Shelby my niece

Lacey my niece

Melissa my sister
Lacey and Shelby having fun with their cousins...totally made little snowmen with the kiddos!! So fun!!! They LOVED IT!! (ME TOO)

Kelli and Kara going down the STREET on the sled! They said the BEST part was running into the CURB! HA!!

More rides!
Kelli and Kara in the snow!

The car ride up! Oh JOY...KELLI'S face tells it all!!! HA! The ride home was actually the BEST! FOR REAL, they were REALLY good! ;)


Monday, December 7, 2009


So Thanksgiving came so fast...we actually had some great stuff happen...
For thanksgiving...we housed some of my sister Heidi's old roomates (6) Amy, Amy, Jessica, Heidi, Kristen and Jenny! We had a great time getting to know one another. Since these are all my SISTERS friends I decided to you know GET TO KNOW THEM too! ;) HA! Oh, I can't forget the Adair family Kaci, Tyson and Ava. They were all so fun! Thanks for coming and staying! Thanks for the LOVE and the gifts you all gave us! So everyone came, helped out with Thanksgiving at my mom's place. I wasn't able to make my side of the family's Thanksgiving, but did go to the Bruer's. I ended up having a HUGE migraine and acidentally took a VICODIN instead of a MOTRIN...OOPS! Yea, I was very LOOPY and felt very GROSS that whole day...But Todd and the kids LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it! HA!

Friday was Heidi's wedding! She LOOKED AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and she BEAMED from EAR TO EAR! SO PRETTY!!!

MY GORGEOUS MOM Sylvia Kuhn! Roxy and Thor with their Grandma
Heidi and David getting ready to get down on it!



Oh, but this is more like it! ;)

CONGRATS to David and Heidi Wideman!!!!

San Diego Temple

Mandy doing Heidi's hair at 6am!

Shot of Heidi after Kati did her hair at 4am...so she could get to Mandy by 6am! HA! THAT was a BLAST!! I LOVE YOU HEIDERS!!!

So....the FLU BUG....Tori got it first, Kati, Kara, then Kelli...Todd hasn't YET had it...but we will see?!! AHHH!! NOT FUN! It wasn't like any 24 hour flu either...it's been a NASTY FLU! WATCH OUT!! Glad we have each other and a LOT OF LOVE! Cause I feel like my kids have been yelled at for the last couple days....poor kids...I LOVE THEM DEARLY and WOULD DO ANYTHING for them! I LOVE YOU Kelli, Kara and Tori!
Todd, thanks for taking such good care of us gals while we have been down!! You truly are an amazing man and I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Tori being herself....all over the place! She had a ton of fun!!

Kelli and Kara waiting for the football game to start! WOOHOO!!! We got to see UNLV VS. BYU!! It was a blast! It was like a FAMILY reunion because most of Todd's side of the family came to Vegas to watch Kyle Watson!!! (Todd's parents brought our kids to us...THANK YOU SO MUCH LORI and RICK!! We LOVE YOU LOTS!! I know the kids were CRAZY on the drive up!!) That's just them! Sorry!! This is Todd and me having the TIME of our lives! HA! We ate what we wanted and walked everywhere...the card people on the street made me CRAZY!! I don't know if anyone else was annoyed...but... CLICK CLICK!! WOW!! Amykay and I at the water show, it's CRAZY how many people come to watch it! So Todd and I got to take a SHORT trip to VEGAS and LOVED it! SO fun!!! We were able to get our AMAZING FRIENDS Emily and Todd Moran to watch our kidlems and get away!! We went with my brother Moe and Amykay! We had a BLAST together and LOVED every minute of it! I just have to say SPA TUBS in Hotels ROCK! I think I seriously want one of those in the middle of my room! HA! Wow, I am a DORK!!! HA! ;)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


We HAD our FAMILY pictures taken by Sarah Robinson!! She did an AWESOME job!! We LOVE THEM!! Here are some fun ones for you to look at!!


Having a BIT too much fun!



Sarah Robinson, you are SUCH an AWESOME friend and thanks for being you!! Thanks for being so WILLING and LOVING!! The pictures turned out so good! ;) WE LOVE YOU!!! Thank you AGAIN! ;)


This is Kelli, Gavin and Kara enjoying each other at the Trunk or Treat (at church)...Gavin kinda looks like annoyed of Kelli and Kara! HA!! ;) The kids had a GREAT time and GOT TONS of candy from all their running around! THANKS KIDS for getting so much candy to keep me PLUMP! HA! ;)
We tasted some of Aunt Stacy HOMEMADE HALLOWEEN cake!! Way to go on that Stacy! ;)

Kelli and Kara trick or treating in the DARK! OOOO!!!

We were so happy to go out to Grandma and Grandpa Bruer's house to go trick or treating!! This is Kelli, Tori and Kara Kelli was (Belle) Tori was a (Ladybug) Kara was (Minie Mouse). We had a BLAST!