Tuesday, February 15, 2011


CRAZY US...This was SO FUN!!! Our friend Sarah Robinson took us out on Main St. out here in Lake Elsinore and we did a fun Christmas shoot with her....

CHRISTMAS 2010 pictures...FINALLY got a shot where TORI actually smiled...

Kara, Tori and Kelli

So our newest addition to the Bruer family will be here in MARCH of 20011....It's ANOTHER GIRL!! ;) We are STOKED for this new one! Can't wait and Kelli, Kara and Tori are in LOVE with the BELLY and watching her go CRAZY in my tummy!!

Sorry I haven't updated....just been busy with life and thought about it today!!!


  1. YOU ARE BACK!!!! Hooray for that!!! Love that pic of your family, you guys ROCK!!! And your little one in the oven is SO CUTE with those smiles she gave!

  2. such a cute family you have there. Your girls are adorable!

  3. Cute post girl!!!! I don't blog that much either right now, like I should...give me your email and I can add you to ours. We had a stalker so we went private...LOL..BTW...this is Emily Aragon