Thursday, June 17, 2010



Did some pictures with gals from the fun, got dressed up, did our make-up and hair...and went on the town and just took tons of pictures....

AH!! Before 1/2 marathon...AHHHH!!!! MY 2nd was the FONTANA one on June 5th...I LOVED my 2nd one WAY MORE!!! NO PICS cause I was by myself!! SORRY!! This will have to do?!! HA!

Aimee and me being crazy! We did a HALF MARATHON together while she was out here!! It was BRUTAL!! HA! I LOVE AIMEE FOR DOING IT WITH ME!

DANCE floor at MINDI and Chris Whitman's wedding!

Tori turned 2 TODAY! Crazy how time flies so fast! Last I was on blogging was SO LAST YEAR! Sorry!! So...what is new??

Kelli and Kara are out of SCHOOL...they will be 1st graders in AUGUST! AHH!! Tori just keeps on growing...she is a TOTAL beast and gets what she wants all the time!! She seriously is a NUT! On Sunday, she had 2 babies and was curled up on the first step with blanket asleep!! It was DARLING!! I video taped picture! Sorry!

Since kids have been home, it's been I WANNA swim, I wanna sleep over, I wanna I wanna I wanna! Kelli and Kara have been swimming a ton and they enjoy doing flips in the water, getting objects on the bottom of the 3 1/2 ft. part of the pool. They have kept busy with drawing, playdough, running around just in swimsuits, having friends over and just having a GRAND OL' TIME!! It's been fun...and crazy...ha!

So...Kelli and Kara have this thing if they go to bed will the TREAT MAN come? I tell them if they go to bed EARLY...HE WILL COME! ;) HEE!!! It TOTALLY WORKS!!
My HUBBY Todd is keeping busy with work, always knows what's up with the sports! He will remember TODAY with the LAKERS winning the NBA FINALS on TORI'S 2nd BIRTHDAY! He ended up taking Tori and all of us out and missing some of the games highlights, but it was (RECORDING) at home...HA!! He still has time to spoil his girls! He seriously LOVES his kids and is SO SWEET with them!
So...let me TRY to stay on track and keep updated!! ;) I have MISSED BEING on this!!!


  1. Fun pictures!! Miss you girlie!!

    And I'm gonna invite the treat man to our house! lol

  2. It's been so long! Glad you're back! I can NOT believe how big Tori is! I'm so sad that have missed so much! The girls look just beautiful at the wedding. Love ya and miss ya!

  3. you look so fabulous! Yay you for all your running. Happy summering.

  4. Glad to see you back blogging. I can't wait to birth this baby so I can run a marathon with you :)

  5. welcome back to the blogging world :>) All that running is working well for you because you look FANTASTIC!!!

  6. CONGRATS ON THE 1/2! that is so super awesome, I want to do one so bad! your kids are getting so big, they are so pretty!

  7. 1. You are HOT In those pics!
    2. You are AWESOME for doing 2 1/2 marathons with in a month of eachother!!! I'm glad I got to come see you finish the first one!! Good job girl!!
    3. TORI is so ADORABLE!!!! I love her!