Sunday, January 10, 2010

NEW YEAR and Montana trip...

New YEARS eve Todd had plans with the young men from church. They made plans to do a New Years Eve party with the boys. So I said...I will have the kids and do my thing...well my mom called me later that morning to talk and said her and my dad were leaving for Montana. They were going to leave later that day...I kinda invited myself. She said we should come!!! So we packed up and left for Montana. BILLINGS Montana...It's about a 24 hour drive. With kids it's like a 2 day drive at least! HA!! We got there...spent some time with my sister Melissa and her kids Ashlee, Parker, Lacey and Shelby. It was a TOTAL BLAST for us! We got to SLED, SHOP, EAT, PLAY GAMES, watch MOVIES, and CHAT!! Ashlee is 23 yrs. old and she plays the piano BEAUTIFULLY!!! Seriously ROCKS!!! She competes and I wanted to share some FUN PLAYING she did for us!

Parker my nephew

Ashlee my niece

Shelby my niece

Lacey my niece

Melissa my sister
Lacey and Shelby having fun with their cousins...totally made little snowmen with the kiddos!! So fun!!! They LOVED IT!! (ME TOO)

Kelli and Kara going down the STREET on the sled! They said the BEST part was running into the CURB! HA!!

More rides!
Kelli and Kara in the snow!

The car ride up! Oh JOY...KELLI'S face tells it all!!! HA! The ride home was actually the BEST! FOR REAL, they were REALLY good! ;)



  1. Wow! she is amazing!! glad you had a great trip!

  2. You must find out if they know my aunt and uncle- Jan and Bob Gray. They live there too. What a brave mommy you are to jump in the car for that trip!

  3. Where has the time gone? I remember these guys when they were little now they are huge!

  4. I am so impressed that you made it through that much driving with three kids and lived to tell the tale :>) Glad you had fun!

  5. FIRST off your NIECE is an amazing piano player!!!!!!! Second I'm GLAD your home. ANd third I'm glad you had a great trip to spend time with your sista!!!! Love ya girl!

  6. So good catching up with your family!!! Wish we could do it in person. Miss you tons!! Hope you guys are loving life!