Monday, December 7, 2009


So Thanksgiving came so fast...we actually had some great stuff happen...
For thanksgiving...we housed some of my sister Heidi's old roomates (6) Amy, Amy, Jessica, Heidi, Kristen and Jenny! We had a great time getting to know one another. Since these are all my SISTERS friends I decided to you know GET TO KNOW THEM too! ;) HA! Oh, I can't forget the Adair family Kaci, Tyson and Ava. They were all so fun! Thanks for coming and staying! Thanks for the LOVE and the gifts you all gave us! So everyone came, helped out with Thanksgiving at my mom's place. I wasn't able to make my side of the family's Thanksgiving, but did go to the Bruer's. I ended up having a HUGE migraine and acidentally took a VICODIN instead of a MOTRIN...OOPS! Yea, I was very LOOPY and felt very GROSS that whole day...But Todd and the kids LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it! HA!

Friday was Heidi's wedding! She LOOKED AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and she BEAMED from EAR TO EAR! SO PRETTY!!!

MY GORGEOUS MOM Sylvia Kuhn! Roxy and Thor with their Grandma
Heidi and David getting ready to get down on it!



Oh, but this is more like it! ;)

CONGRATS to David and Heidi Wideman!!!!

San Diego Temple

Mandy doing Heidi's hair at 6am!

Shot of Heidi after Kati did her hair at she could get to Mandy by 6am! HA! THAT was a BLAST!! I LOVE YOU HEIDERS!!!

So....the FLU BUG....Tori got it first, Kati, Kara, then Kelli...Todd hasn't YET had it...but we will see?!! AHHH!! NOT FUN! It wasn't like any 24 hour flu's been a NASTY FLU! WATCH OUT!! Glad we have each other and a LOT OF LOVE! Cause I feel like my kids have been yelled at for the last couple days....poor kids...I LOVE THEM DEARLY and WOULD DO ANYTHING for them! I LOVE YOU Kelli, Kara and Tori!
Todd, thanks for taking such good care of us gals while we have been down!! You truly are an amazing man and I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!


  1. Your sister made a beautiful bride!!!!! I hope you are feeling better!! Let me know if you need anything!

  2. so glad your flu bug passed...think were on the up and up now too. :) Thanks for calling us and checking in on us :)

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving! And hope that you guys aren't sick anymore!

  4. I LOVE THIS POST!!! Got to it a few years late, but hey!!! :)