Monday, November 16, 2009


Tori being herself....all over the place! She had a ton of fun!!

Kelli and Kara waiting for the football game to start! WOOHOO!!! We got to see UNLV VS. BYU!! It was a blast! It was like a FAMILY reunion because most of Todd's side of the family came to Vegas to watch Kyle Watson!!! (Todd's parents brought our kids to us...THANK YOU SO MUCH LORI and RICK!! We LOVE YOU LOTS!! I know the kids were CRAZY on the drive up!!) That's just them! Sorry!! This is Todd and me having the TIME of our lives! HA! We ate what we wanted and walked everywhere...the card people on the street made me CRAZY!! I don't know if anyone else was annoyed...but... CLICK CLICK!! WOW!! Amykay and I at the water show, it's CRAZY how many people come to watch it! So Todd and I got to take a SHORT trip to VEGAS and LOVED it! SO fun!!! We were able to get our AMAZING FRIENDS Emily and Todd Moran to watch our kidlems and get away!! We went with my brother Moe and Amykay! We had a BLAST together and LOVED every minute of it! I just have to say SPA TUBS in Hotels ROCK! I think I seriously want one of those in the middle of my room! HA! Wow, I am a DORK!!! HA! ;)


  1. HOT pics of you and your man!! You guys look awesome!!! I loved watching your girls. glad you guys had a great time.

  2. katie I thought you dropped off the blogging world, Im happy to see you again! Your fam pics are sooo cute! you are sooo beautiful!